Like almost everyone else, Navy Safe Harbor Foundation (NSHF) has been dealing with many unexpected challenges this year; from canceled events to wearing mask with every outside interaction. However, these changes remind us that the NSHF mission remains relevant and important. The Navy and Coast Guard Sailors who are enrolled in the Navy Wounded Warrior program and who are already dealing with unforeseen issues, now must also add COVID-19 precautions to their lives.

In the last five months, NSHF has supported our Sailors, their families and Caregivers by providing help for the extra financial burdens caused by the ongoing Pandemic. Whether unemployment, additional childcare costs, or travel and accommodation expenses incurred when caregivers needed to be with their Sailor during treatment, NSHF has been there with financial help. We have also continued to provide non-financial help through our commitment to the Caregiver program with our virtual presentations. We are currently working to expand this program by establishing a Virtual Caregiver Support Group.

Unfortunately, one of our most anticipated events of the year, the Wounded Warrior Games, had to be canceled in order to protect all those who would participate. Our athletes are looking forward to their 2021 season and planning has already begun to make that happen. NSHF could not be more exited to support and assist our athletes, their families and their caregivers in this endeavor.

NSHF is incredibly thankful for our donors and their on-going generosity–Thank You to each and every one of you! It is because of you that we have been able to meet the ongoing needs of our Sailors and even develop new approaches to some of our programs. We are proud that we have not turned away one request, ensuring that our Sailors have the strongest possible opportunity for full recovery.

Heidi Weller, President

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