From Tragedy to Triumph: A Navy Wounded Warrior’s Incredible Journey

From Tragedy to Triumph: A Navy Wounded Warrior's Incredible Journey

It’s been more than 10 years since Jared Lenahan joined the Navy, and you could say it’s been an eventful decade for him.

After signing up in June 2009, he spent five years at Camp Pendleton in California working in the field at the Marine Corps Scout Sniper School and Basic Reconnaissance Course. He deployed to Afghanistan as part of Provincial Reconstruction Team Uruzgan that included the Army, Australian Infantry, Slovakian Civil Affairs, USDA, State Department, and other entities, where he worked as a combat medic, combat cameraman, and public affairs officer — a man of many hats, to be sure.

But it was when he went to Sicily after his deployment that his life took a sudden an unexpected turn.

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