Memorial Day is a holiday that should be appreciated by everyone, but it is even more poignant for those that have served and experience the loss of a friend, shipmate, or Service family member firsthand. For those of us who have served in the Navy and Coast Guard, Memorial Day reminds us of the things we have fought for, those we’ve lost, and the impact our efforts may have had on our families and the people we meant to serve.

As you reflect this Memorial Day on those that have made the ultimate sacrifice, I hope you will also remember the Navy and Coast Guard Sailors and their families that were wounded in combat or have been diagnosed with a serious illness or injury in the line of duty.

Navy Safe Harbor Foundation provides funding for the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Coast Guard Sailors, and provides resources and support to their families. Through proactive leadership, the Navy Safe Harbor Foundation collaboration with the Navy Wounded Warrior program provides individually tailored assistance designed to optimize the success of the wounded warriors’ recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration activities. Your contribution will help fill the gaps and provide services not available through government benefits. Click here to DONATE NOW.


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