AUSN: Scholarship Opportunity

The Association of the United States Navy’s (AUSN) Scholarship Program awards scholarships to undergraduate students who are members, children, and grandchildren of AUSN members and surviving spouses of deceased members. Our goal is to help our members and those they love to earn a college degree.

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A New Level of Hope & Healing…

AUSN has served as a tremendous resource to our Shipmates, with services such as advocacy, scholarships, career advancement support, networking opportunities, benefit support, reunion listings and more. Now AUSN is joining forces with Navy Safe Harbor Foundation (NSHF) to help Sailors and Coast Guard members in even more ways. By partnering with Navy Wounded Warrior-Safe Harbor program, we will have the ability to help coordinate non-medical care demands that frequently arise; such as when a hospitalized Sailor‘s spouse can’t afford to travel to be bedside, or when unexpected financial needs make meeting the demands of daily life an impossible task. With your help, we will continue to raise awareness of the needs of wounded, ill and injured Sailors, Coast Guard members and their families. We will fill the gaps and provide services not available through government benefits. Thanks to your support, when hope seems dim, AUSN and NSHF, working together, are able to provide a bright light of aid—all in the Navy way they deserve.

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